"The eminence of guitar, Kevin Kastning." - JazzPress (UK)

"The virtuosity goes without saying, but the music is much more than that: innovative, imaginative and introspective and genre defying." - Dimensions in Sound (Scotland)

"American instrumental music mainstay such as experimental guitarist Kevin Kastning." - Roots Music Report (US)

Kevin Kastning: Artist of the Month for K&K Pickups (March 2024)

"Listening to Levitation II and marveling at your magnificent playing once again. You are playing in such a unique way that has never been done before." - Madi Das (US)

"Kevin has long been recognized as a wonderful guitarist ... allows him to move music in directions well outside of the norm." - Progressor Magazine (Uzbekistan)

"Everything you do is way beyond this time and at the same time goes to the essence of everything." - S.A., (Portugal)

"Kevin’s guitarwork is fascinating ... an artist who knows exactly what he wants to achieve and has the skills to do just that." - House of Prog (England)

"When I see a new album available from Kevin Kastning I know it is going to be fascinating ..." - Progressor Magazine (Uzbekistan)

"Kevin Kastning is unique, authentic, original, inspirational, deep, magic. One of the most authentic guitar voices ever known." - Leonardo Pavkovic; owner MoonJune Records (US/Spain)

"I have been a fan of Kevin’s approach for years now, as each album does something quite different and takes us into new territories." - Progressor Magazine (Uzbekistan)

"As a revered guitarist and celebrated acoustic guitar wizard Kastning continues expanding as a guitar phenomenon." - Mediamusic (US)

"Your music is a guide to the unknown, but felt throughout life." - George Korunov; artist (Russia)

"Kastning's approach to a massive multi-string instrument never ceases to amaze..." - ProgressoR magazine (Uzbekistan)

"Kevin Kastning, American guitar wizard...." - Jazz Square magazine; (Russia)

"Kastning is the undisputed king of progressive guitar..." - Midwest Record

"Ethereal IV
a magical universe of uncharted territories."  - JazzWorldQuest magazine (Canada)

"Ethereal III is a masterstroke." - Sea of Tranquility magazine

"Kastning’s work always pushes the envelope..." - Sea of Tranquility magazine

Kismaros is named one of the Top Albums of 2018 by MFTOSOTR webzine.

"17/66 takes it to the next level..."  - Midwest Record

Even this late it happens is named as one of the best albums of 2017 by All About Jazz magazine.

"The latest album of groundbreaking, often startling fretboard magic by Kevin Kastning, A Connection Of Secrets is a sonic joyride from start to finish." - MWE3 magazine

"A Connection Of Secrets is another mind-boggling release that Kastning himself has unleashed this year." - MFTOSOTR webzine

"Kevin Kastning, the world's most adventurous guitarist..." - Midwest Record magazine

A Far Reflection and Perspectives are named as two of the Best Albums of 2016 by Veritas Vampirus webzine

"Kastning is a virtuoso guitarist and he has delivered the goods on every recording..." - Sea of Tranquility

"Kastning is maestro of the magic sublime unknown." - Leonardo Pavkovic; MoonJune Records

Otherworld is named a Best Album of 2015 by The Perfect Sound Forever

Eleven Rooms is named a Best Album of 2015 by The Perfect Sound Forever

Otherworld is named a favorite album of 2015 by WFMU-FM, New York City

"Needless to say, Kastning is a virtuoso...." - Textura Magazine (Canada)

"Kastning turns in another virtuoso performance..." - Sea of Tranquility

"Kastning continues to amaze..." - Midwest Record

Otherworld is No. 1 on the iTunes classical chart for the week of 9.23.2015.

"Fabulous acoustic guitar pioneer and vanguard, Kevin Kastning..."  - MoonJune Records

"Kevin Kastning definitely is a guitar phenomenon." - Background Magazine

"Critically acclaimed guitarist Kevin Kastning, one of today's most compelling acoustic guitarists on the world stage." - WHFR-FM

Watercolor Sky is named the No. 1 Best Album of 2014 by Acoustic Music magazine.

In Stories is named the No. 7 Best Album of 2014 by Acoustic Music magazine.

"The inventive genius of Massachusetts, acoustic mastermind Kevin Kastning." - All About Jazz magazine

Becoming and Dark Sonatas are named as two of the Best Albums of 2013 by Acoustic Music magazine.

Dark Sonatas is named one of the Top 10 Albums of 2013 by MoonJune Records.

In Winter is named the Best Instrumental Album of 2012 by Latewire webzine.

The Book of Crossings is named one of the Top 10 Albums of 2012 by Acoustic Guitar Magazine.

The Book of Crossings is named one of the Top 20 Albums of 2012 by AcousticMusic.com and FAME Magazine.

"Kevin Kastning earns his spurs once again as the reigning modern guitarist in the country." -
Midwest Record Magazine

"I enjoyed listening to your CDs. I like your style and the music has an intriguing atmosphere."  - Steve Hackett

"I consider Kevin a painter of magic, beautiful dark notes." - Leonardo Pavkovic; MoonJune Records

"With the release of these two very guitar-centric albums, Kevin Kastning sets a new standard for the guitar world..." -
Music Web Express Magazine, Nov. 2012

"Kevin Kastning keeps expanding as a guitar phenomenon...."   FAME Magazine; October 2012

"Revered guitarist Kevin Kastning....celebrated acoustic guitar wizard Kastning...." - JazzTimes Magazine

"A work of veritable musical wonder by two gifted, kindred virtuosos, In Winter is one of the most awesome sounding musical collaborations thus far in the 21st century." - Music Web Express Magazine

"A fantastic, expansive and adventurous album from two master musicians. Unquestionably, I walked into the silver darkness is one of the best albums of this or any other year."  -Anil Prasad, Innerviews

"Anyone reading this should seek out Kevin's work, as it is extraordinary and unlike anything you have heard before. Kevin is one of the deepest guitarists I've ever encountered." - Barry Cleveland; editor, Guitar Player Magazine

"Kevin's music, both solo and in tandem with other talented musicians, creates a bedrock of "aural familiarity" using the classic sound of the acoustic guitar while seamlessly taking the listener into his impressionistic compositional world of alternative tunings, phrasings, and tonality." - Joel Krutt; WHUS-FM

“An amazing player; completely original. I've never heard anything like his music.”  - Dominic Miller (guitarist with Sting)

WFMU-FM New York City names I walked into the silver darkness as a Favorite of 2011

NPR's "Pushing the Envelope" names Parabola as one their Best Albums of 2009

Resonance places in The Perfect Sound Critics' Poll Top 10 Albums for 2007

"Kevin is the most modern guitarist in America." - Sándor Szabó

"Kastning is a pioneer in modern acoustic guitar composition." - Yankee Magazine