The Photography

All of the photography for Scalar Fields was shot by me; using either a Canon PowerShot 400 digital camera, or a Nikon Coolpix 995 digital camera. The cover photo was taken using the Nikon at its highest resolution settings on August 30, 2003, in Groton, Massachusetts.

The photos in the CD booklet and the outside back cover were shot in a place I find myself from time to time: at a graveyard in Dunstable, Massachusetts.  This cemetery dates to 1704.  It is located in the forest; is rather small, and at the time it was founded, only enough trees to allow space for the cemetery were cleared.  A stone wall was built around the perimeter, lending an ancient look to the graveyard; as well as to the forest itself.  It is located off a narrow, winding road in a hilly area; tucked into the woods and all but hidden.  It blends in so well with the forest, that it gives the impression of going unnoticed.  As far as I can tell, no new graves have been added since the 1800s.  Aurally, the soundscape is quiet and hushed; punctuated only by the occasional animal crashing through fallen leaves, and the counterpoint of ever-present birdsong.  One gets the impression of stepping backward in time upon entering.   I thought that the textures exhibited by the graveyard and surrounding area were a good metaphor for some of the KastningSiegfried music; the juxtaposition of life and death; of forest and stone; silence and the sound of nature; and the overall peaceful vastness of the thick surrounding forest.  Here are a few additional photos of this exceptional location. 




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