Background: The KastningSiegfried Duet Project was formed in 1990, and is an ongoing artistic collaborative between myself and Siegfried, a guitarist and composer based in Portland, Maine.   The KastningSiegfried compositions are written in open score, but are performed and recorded by us for acoustic guitar duets.  Compositionally, the works fall into one of three basic categories: pieces composed by Siegfried, pieces composed by me, and pieces collaborated upon and composed by us both.  The music defies easy categorization.  Instrumentation consists of Siegfried on acoustic 6-string guitar, and me on 6- and 12-string acoustic guitars, extended baritone guitar, 12-string extended baritone guitar, classical guitar, fretless classical guitar, and mandolin.

The Binary Forms pieces tend to be extended compositions.  The Binary Forms series (currently a set of 11 compositions) employ a compositional technique wherein one of us will compose one voice (the score being laid out in a two-voice system), either Voice I or Voice II.  The completed single-voice score is given to the other person, who then composes the part of the unfinished voice.  Usually, no predetermined guidelines have been specified for the unfinished voice, but there have been pieces wherein the first person has specified certain harmonic or structural elements as a kind of palette for the second person to use when composing their part.  This compositional method has produced some very unique pieces.  

The Book of Days series are shorter in duration than the Binary Forms; yet more atmospheric.  The Book of Days pieces exhibit an inclination or tendency toward vignettes; a short story; a captured moment.

To hear excerpts of the two latest albums, read about their background, and read the reviews and quotes, visit either the Bichromial page or the Scalar Fields page.

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inary Forms  [1993]


From the Binary Form series:

Binary Form No. 2   (Duet for 6- & 12-string Guitars)

Binary Form No. 3  (Duet for Two Guitars)



Gravity of Shadows  



To hear mp3 excerpts from Gravity of Shadows, and to read about the background of the album, visit the Gravity of Shadows pages.


Book of Days 


From the August Book of Days Series:

August 5  (Duet for 6- & 12-string Guitars)

August 8  (Duet for Two Guitars)



Scalar Fields  



To hear mp3 excerpts from Scalar Fields, and to read about the background of the album, visit the Scalar Fields page.


From the March Book of Days Series:

March 10  (Duet for Two Guitars)


From the May Book of Days Series:

May 2  (Duet for Two Guitars)

May 3  (Duet for Two Guitars)

May 4  (Duet for Two Guitars)


From the November Book of Days Series:

November 9  (Duet for Mandolin and Guitar)

November 10  (Duet for Mandolin and Guitar)

November 13  (Duet for Two Guitars)

November 15  (Duet for Two Guitars)

November 18  (Duet for Two Guitars)

November 20  (Duet for Guitar and Fretless Guitar)

November 25  (Duet for Two Guitars)





To hear mp3 excerpts from Bichromial, and to read about the background of the album, visit the Bichromial page.

All compositions 1990 - 2006 K. Kastning