Nowhere, Now Here: the new album by Kevin Kastning & Carl Clements. Worldwide release by Greydisc Records on July 16, 2013. 
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Kevin Kastning: 30-string Contra-Soprano guitar, 17-string Contraguitar, 16-string Contraguitar

Carl Clements: Tenor and Soprano saxophones, Alto flute

Track listing and audio samples:
1. Lunar Incantation Precision
2. Somewhen
3. Incomparably Light and Repose
4. Deceptive Corridors Passing
5. Otherwheres
6. Overmorrow I
7. Rust in Form
8. Overmorrow II
9. Woven Sunlight and Leaving
10. First Hovering; First Vanishing
11. Into Propagation Suspension
12. A Whispered Believing
13. Delirium Membrane Circuit
14. Both Ends of Two Rainbows


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Nowhere, Now Here is available by CD or mp3 download here:  



2013 Suigeneria Music [BMI]