2009 Kevin Kastning - Sándor Szabó European Tour

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September 2009: The Parabola European tour with Sándor Szabó and myself, with Dominic Miller (of Sting's band).

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Photos courtesy szegedindex.hu (Hungary)


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2009 Tour Concert venues and dates:

September 22 - 23, Nograd, Hungary: Recording studio dates for the new 2010 Kevin Kastning - Sándor Szabó album.

September 24 Vác: Madách Müvelődési Központ   www.mimk.vac.hu

September 26: Szeged: IH Rendezvenykozpont, 6721 Szeged, Felso-Tisza part 2   www.ihrendezvenykozpont.hu

From the Hungarian press' article: 

2009. szeptember 26.
Night Colours

Kevin Kastning/Szabó Sándor Duo (USA/H) koncertje Kevin Kastning / Duo, Sándor Szabó (USA / H) Concert
Dominic Miller (UK)

"If you look back over the past several decades, and explore the directions and movements of the guitar scene, it seems as thought a point would have been reached where all progress stopped, as if the guitar would have exhausted all opportunities.  New boundaries will be crossed by artists who are thinking beyond all traditional framework.  Those who are given the opportunity to combine technical advances by reinterpreting guitar techniques combined through artistic ideas.  We welcome three such artists to this event."

September 27: Budapest: Millenaris Theatre    Millenaris listing    Press release on Sting's blogsite     Press release from Budapest

September 28: Pécs:  Pécsi Est, Pécs, Rákóczi u. 46.   www.pecsiest.hu

From the Vác, Hungary website:

"Kevin Kastning: As composer Bach, Bartok, Carlo Gesualdo, Alfred Schnittke, and especially in the second Viennese School composers have made it a great effect. Since 2001, pieces of the London Chamber Group, a regular repertoire. As a guitarist plays quite differently and how to compose. Minimalist style, improvisation senkiéhez can not be compared, usually between 6 and 12-string baritone guitars to play. Without exaggeration, that in the United States, he is one of the most modern guitarist. In 2005, he met and Sandor Szabo has made 3 albums in the U.S. Gray Disc Records. The albums have appeared in professional Bartókjaiként mentioned duójukat echoes of guitar music, who released the music played on guitar and megszokásoktól primitive beidegződésektől. Sándor Szabó and Kevin Kastning ethereal sound of a two-fold and deep musicality promises a real treat for fans of the modern guitar."