Strand in Strands, the new album by Kevin Kastning and Carl Clements, is released worldwide by Greydisc Records on 6 December 2022. 

Available at, iTunes, and here.

Kevin Kastning: 17-string Extended Hybrid Classical guitar, 12-string Contraguitar, 12-string Baritone guitar

Carl Clements: Tenor and Soprano saxophones

Track listing:

1. Resolution Pending
2. Magnetic Anistropy
3. A Question, Lingering
4. The Weibel Instability
5. Filaments, Interlaced
6. Interstitial Inquiries
7. Dialogues in Distance
8. Transparencies in Transition
9. Intersecting Dispositions
10. Pending Resolution

Listen to tracks here.


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Strand in Strands is available here:  





2022 Greydisc Records / Suigeneria Music [BMI]