Piano I: Reviews and Quotes

Talk about stepping outside your comfort zone! Here we find the undisputed king of progressive guitar from design to playing stepping off with his first solo piano date. From graphics to playing, it's very much in the mold of uber classic ECM, back when Keith Jarrett and Chick Corea often sounded scary. With sturm and drang classical overtones running through it, we're probably at the start of a journey into finding out there's nothing Kastning can't do.
(Greydisc 3547)

-- Midwest Record  (US)
   February 2019

"Piano 1 is a masterpiece of minimalist, Neo-Classical piano magic
from Kevin Kastning."


-- Music Web Express (US)
   February 2019

Kevin Kastning – Piano I
February 9, 2019 ·

"Mr. Kastning, known for his improvisational guitar pieces with his own multi-stringed instruments, here performs his abstract, delicate and mostly quiet works. Nice!"

-- WRUV-FM (Vermont, US)


"Many thanks for your latest. Of course the music — and the typically high level of production — are the standout qualities to “Piano 1.” One thing I noticed first and foremost was the similarity between your piano playing and the way you sound on guitar. It is definitely the same artist, which is a testament to how, even if you were playing a slide whistle, it would still sound like Kevin. Your musical identity is that strong, in much the same way Clark Terry’s singing informs his trumpet playing and vice versa. That alone puts you in a pretty unique (and elite) class.

So… thanks again for the music. I’m enjoying “Piano 1.” Will there be a “Piano 2”?"

-- Mike Metheny (US)


"Hi Kevin,
Congrats to the new album, it is a great one!
I personally like the sound of acoustic piano a lot, it is soothing for me and simply wonderful.

What stood out to me as a really unique and recognizable feature were these wonderful dense chord clusters on "construction 3B", extremely nice!!"

-- Dieter Kaudel (US)
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