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KEVIN KASTNING & BALAZS MAJOR / Kismaros: "The first duo set by these two long time pals, this started out as an experiment to see where the 30 string guitar and percussion would wind up as equal partner in composition. It wound up being a finished album by lunch and you can feel the heat of passion no matter how cool school the actual playing is. Experimental without ever lapsing in to pots and pans country, it veers toward egghead music that you don't have to be a brainiac to get entangled with. Wild."

- Midwest Record webzine (US)
  July 2018

"In the early 1980’s, the famous duo of guitarist Egberto Gismonti and percussionist Nana Vasconcelos played in Debrecen, Hungary on the greatest Hungarian Jazz Festival of that time. It was a great experience to go to that concert with my percussionist friend Balázs Major to see and hear the two giants. Egberto and Nana played a new kind of music influencing us so deeply that 36 years later we still recall and mention that magical concert. At that time, a percussion/acoustic guitar duo was unusual; this was made even more striking by the exceptional way in which the two Brazilians played together. From that moment, they became the main reference for us as a duo in many aspects: original, exotic, exciting, seducing, spiritual, and more.

Since that time, Balázs and I released several duo albums and and sometime I still recall that music and try to judge how much we could achieve of the aspects of this reference music.

In May 2018, after our European tour, we came together with Kevin Kastning and Balázs Major to record new trio pieces, but the recording day did not begin as we had planned. Kevin and Balázs started to improvise just to warm up, and after a few minutes I had goosebumps on my arms and I wished that they would play more and more. When they finished the warm up, I suggested them to go on with playing and recording in duo because I had just heard such  magical moments which should be recorded for an album. It happened so. Since that time, the CD is released and in hearing the music of Balázs and Kevin, Egberto and Nana comes into my mind as a reference.  What I heard on the album is again what I heard that morning: original, exotic, exciting, seducing, spiritual music. For me this is a new music; another reference which proves that there are still endless possibilities in a guitar/percussion duo to explore. I am very glad to be part of this kind of creation."

- Sándor Szabó
  Vác, Hungary
  16 June 2018

"Kismaros is the coolest yet, man. Balazs is completely insane (in the best possible way) and a perfect compliment to your style. It's like hearing Fischer v. Spassky."

- Will Clipman  (USA)
  7-time GRAMMY Nominee and Canyon Records percussionist with R. Carlos Nakai


"Listening to you and Balazs on Kismaros... Wow! super good! - you sound great together - Sandor was wise to encourage you to do it right then and there. You and Major are full equals in these duets: it's never that one leads while the other supports, but rather that each contributes equally (melodically, harmonically and rhythmically) as the player/composer he is, while simultaneously sensing what is to be, and together you are both discovering and revealing beautiful and complete forms in sound and time. As I hear the pieces, they are the work of single soul.  This combo really stands out for me. My current fave of yours."


- D. Siegfried (USA)
  Guitarist and composer





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