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Kevin Kastning & Carl Clements
Even this late it happens

There are few guitarists in the world as unique as Kevin Kastning. Kastning has a one of a kind sound influenced by both the classical and jazz worlds. Kastning's introspective style is complemented by his array of extended range instruments. On this album alone he displays a 36-string Double Contraguitar, a 30-string Contra-Alto guitar, and a 15- string Extended Classical guitar. Accompanying Kastning is Carl Clements on various saxophones and flutes. Like many of Kastning's recordings, the music is entirely improvised. Clements glides effortlessly over Kastning's guitar lines, and the tonal contrast between the two keeps the album fresh. Highlights "A Veil of Absence" and "Circles and Waiting."

-- All About Jazz magazine (US)
   January 2018


KEVIN KASTNING-CARL CLEMENTS/Even this late it happens

 "For their fifth guitar/sax duet, the gang widens the dreamscapes you've gotten accustomed to on previous releases and takes things to strange corners of your mind where incongruous things tend to cluster together and create new wholes. Solidly left leaning music, this really opens the mind to limitless possibilities. Another winner from these two with ease."

-- Midwest Record webzine (US) 
   November 2017


Even this late it happens



"Guitar explorer Kevin Kastning has made several fine albums with sax / flute virtuoso Carl Clements and, recording once again as a duo they continue onward with their eight track, 77 minute, 2017 CD Even this late it happens. With Kastning delving into his arsenal of multi-string guitars, including the 36-string Double Contraguitar, the 30-string Contra-Alto guitar and the 15-string Extended Classical guitar, he merges his freeform musical trains of thought with Carl Clements, who excels on tenor and soprano saxophones and flutes. Listeners who were lucky enough to hear the duo’s 2016 album A Far Reflection won’t be disappointed with Even this late it happens. Speaking about the boundless musical dynamics on their new album, Carl Clements tells mwe3.com "I think there are infinite possibilities in the music we’re doing, so there will always be new ideas and approaches to draw from", with Kastning adding, "When Carl and I start recording sessions for a new album, we discuss the direction for that album and then move into that direction and that space. Our rapport or connection has always been there, but over all these years, it just seems to only get stronger." The mood of Even this late it happens is somber yet illuminating, with the duo's dreamlike musical patterns winding down dark and mysterious pathways. With their integrated mixture of neoclassical, avant-garde and improvisational sounds, Kastning and Clements are quite rightly considered two of America’s leading 21st century sonic pioneers."

- Music Web Express webzine (US)
  December 2017 




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