Kevin Kastning
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Modern Classical, Avante-Garde Acoustic, Jazz
Kevin Kastning (born December 26, 1961 in Wichita, Kansas) is an American guitarist, composer and musical instrument inventor.
He developed and plays the 36-string Double Contraguitar, 30-string Contra-Alto guitar, 17-string Hybrid Extended Classical guitar, 15-string Extended Classical guitar, twelve-string guitar, six-string guitar, fretless guitar, 12-string extended baritone guitar, 6-string bass-baritone guitar, alto guitar, the 14-string Contraguitar, the 16-string Contraguitar, the 17-string Contraguitar, and 12-string soprano guitar.  Kevin also plays mandolin, piano, and bass.  His 2019 solo album "Piano I" is his first all-piano album .
Kevin appears on over 40 albums: both in solo and with collaborators.  FULL BIO CLICK  HERE

"The music Kevin plays on these guitars is as singular as the instruments." 
- Guitar Player Magazine 

"Kevin's compositional approach brims with refined detail... a vernal pool of subtle virtuosity." 
- Progression Magazine 

"Kevin Kastning, the world's most adventurous guitarist... Kastning continues to amaze..."  
- Midwest Record Magazine

"Kastning is a virtuoso guitarist and he has delivered the goods on every recording..." 
- Sea of Tranquility Magazine

"Kastning is maestro of the magic sublime unknown." 
- Leonardo Pavkovic; MoonJune Records

"Needless to say, Kastning is a virtuoso...." 
- Textura Magazine (Canada)

"Kastning turns in another virtuoso performance..." 
- Sea of Tranquility Magazine

"Kevin Kastning definitely is a guitar phenomenon."  - Background Magazine

"Critically acclaimed guitarist Kevin Kastning, one of today's most compelling acoustic guitarists on the  world stage." - WHFR-FM
R E C E N T   A L B U M S  I N  2 0 1 9
Classical Instrumental Solo
"The recording also serves to remind us that Kastning's a true original, someone who's carved out his own path and followed it resolutely over the span of many years and recordings. Neither classical, jazz, folk, or country, his music inhabits its own special, distinctive space, much like its creator." 
- Textura Magazine (Canada)

"A stunning solo excursion into a guitar world you didn't know existed. 17/66 takes it to the next level." 
- Midwest Record Magazine (US)

"His music is completely outside of all genre classifications, perhaps a bit of classical, jazz, avant, Americana and ambient figure into Kastning's stylistic palette, but the results are truly his own." 
- Exposé Magazine (US)

Jazz Instrumental
"Considered as a leader in his field, Kastning's is a style that is unique unto the moment of conception." 
- Blue Wolf Magazine (AUSTRALIA)

" Kismaros really is a unique experience."
- Exposé Magazine (US)

"A creative and visceral listening experience, Kismaros is improvisational guitar / percussion music at its finest." 
- Music Web Express (US)
Ethereal I
Contemporary Instrumental
"That Kevin Kastning genuinely resides in a niche that few else have discovered marks him out as a truly individual talent."
- Sea of Tranquility Magazine

"With their arsenal of exotic guitars, Kastning and Szabó masterfully create a mysterious world of sweeping textures, emotional shadows, colorful points of light and shimmering angular melodic fragments. Pure sonic enlightenment."
- Exposé Magazine (US) 

"For Ethereal I, Kevin and Sándor open the sonic floodgates of guitar-centric creativity. Kevin Kastning and Sándor Szabó continue to breathe inspiring and intriguing life into the art of the guitar and its endless myriad of sonic complexities." 
- Music Web Express Magazine
Even this late it happens
Jazz Instrumental
Voted one of The Best Albums of 2017 
by All About Jazz Magazine
"There are few guitarists in the world as unique as Kevin Kastning. Kastning has a one of a kind sound influenced by both the classical and jazz worlds." 
- All About Jazz Magazine (US)

"This really opens the mind to limitless possibilities. Another winner from these two with ease." - Midwest Record Magazine (US)

"Even this late it happens is somber yet illuminating, Kastning and Clements are quite rightly considered two of America's leading 21st century sonic pioneers." - Music Web Express Magazine (US)

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Kevin Kastning

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